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The Kempf Kit featuring the Lee Classic Turret Press is still the Sweetest Deal in Reloading Kits out there. The Kit is an especially good deal for the beginner but also nice for anyone wanting to upgrade from a single stage press.  What's even sweeter is that we have reduced the on-line price to $199.95.

We've sold thousands of this kit since we introduced it over 10 years ago. The only change we've made is to the Rifle Kit. The Rifle Kit now comes with the Lee Auto Drum Powder Measure. The Drum Measure handles the charges for large capacity cases very well and is adjustable, enabling you to dial in a specific amount of powder.

The question we are most often asked concerning our kit, the Kempf Kit, is, "Does it come with a powder scale".  No, our kit doesn't come with a scale. Many people already have a scale from some other application or prefer a digital scale which we offer as an accessory. Also, our kit does not include a reloading manual. That is generally the first thing people buy when they get interested in reloading so they don't want to pay for a duplicate. We do offer the most up to date Reloading Manuals as an ad on, if you need one. What our kit does include is the caliber specific die set of your choice. No other kit includes dies. This is a huge value.

We will be holding the sale price through the end of February so feel free to share this with anyone interested in getting started in reloading. And, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Thanks & Happy Valentines Day!

Sue & the Kempf Gun Shop Crew

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